The golden dream from Rotorua

Our journey began in Rotorua in 2010, a naturally blessed environment which provides rich, pure soil and crystal clear rivers. New Zealand’s Maori name (Aotearoa) translates to ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud,’ and it was here RICHORA chose to create what we like to call ‘nature’s golden pot.’

The beekeepers of RICHORA transforms nature's wild treasure bottling mother natures Manuka flower, as the bees produce and collect nectar from a native flower,from the Manuka bush grown in our own back yard,

RICHORA bottles it all into a golden pot, that comes with a range of UMF® (Unique Manuka Factor) You can count on RICHORA to deliver Manuka honey to your table, enriched with the bees natural protein and enzymes producing nature's golden pot of RICHORA, a ideal koha(gift) for all to enjoy.


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    The land of purity
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    The luxurious taste
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    Magic Manuka